Video completely cuts out

peter maddison ponchorat1968 at
Wed Jan 21 21:11:29 UTC 2015

Hi All,

I have just encountered a problem I had last week with an old MoBo, 
M3A76-CM and NOW with my new MoBo, M578L-M/USB3.
With my old one, I had it connected to a Samsung monitor (SyncMaster 
SA300) via the VGA connector and to my Samsung TV using the DVI output 
with a DVI to HDMI adapter.3
For a <long> time it has been working great, that was until last week 
when both outputs decided to shut down. The PC was still on but there 
was no video output. I even tried to unplug and re-plug in the VGA 
connector but that didn’t solve it. Nor was it to do with the 
screen-saver as it could happen any time.

...It just happened now.

I remembered a fix for it but I shouldn’t really have to be doing this...
Turn the monitor off then disconnect the cable from the back of the 
tower. Then re-connect the cable, finally turn the monitor back on.

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