Installed 14.10 64Bit - On Boot I Get A Black Screen?

Jesse Palser jessepalsermailinglists at
Wed Jan 7 15:57:44 UTC 2015


I would like to use the open-source AMD driver.
The problem is the O.S. wont boot during a cold boot.
(get nothing on the screen when cold booting and monitor shuts off?)
Only when I press [Reset] on desktop(warm boot) do I get menu and can 
enter the O.S.
If someone could help me solve the above problem then I would be happy, 
(again, it's clean install of Kubuntu 14.10 64Bit)


On 01/07/2015 09:48 AM, Jörn Schönyan wrote:
> On Mittwoch, 7. Januar 2015 15:31:33 CET, Jesse Palser wrote:
>> Hi,
>> OK, I installed Kubuntu 14.10 64Bit onto the following desktop 
>> computer system:
>> - AMD FX 3.5GHz 8-Core C.P.U.
>> - AMD Radeon HD 7870 PCIe 2GB GDDR5 Graphic Adapter
>> - 32GB DDR3 RAM
> Sorry Jesse, I messed that a bit up - it is not a hybrid system, I 
> thought you were talking about a notebook.
>> This is a new install of Kubuntu onto above desktop from DVD.
>> The install is successful, but after reboot I get a black screen and 
>> the monitor turns off?
>> The weird thing is if I cold boot I get the black screen, but if I 
>> press reset I then get a menu and can boot into O.S.?
> I'm a bit in a hurry right now, so I can only give you some hints:
> Use the boot option nomodeset or xforcevesa to boot to the desktop. 
> Then manually install the latest driver from AMD (they call it Omega). 
> That should be enough to get it working. Good luck!
>> Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
>> Jesse
> Jörn

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