How do I enable AHCI

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Sun Jan 4 12:45:10 UTC 2015

On Sunday, January 04, 2015 05:59:45 AM Ralf Mardorf did opine
And Gene did reply:
> On Sat, 3 Jan 2015 23:15:50 -0500, Gene Heskett wrote:
> > Data cables too, particularly if its 4 or 5 years old AND red.
> Those red SATA cables in my machine are ok. I need to disconnect and
> reconnect them sometimes, because the connectors sometimes cause
> issues. I hot glued the connectors, but it didn't help much, there
> still is the need to disconnect and reconnect them every now and then.

yeah, I just had a drive go south yesterday, disconnected it, reconnected 
it, messages still growing about 10k a minute, pulled it out and 
reconnected it while hanging out the side of the tower, and everything is 
cool again.  Black data cable, was never disconnected from the mobo.  Its 
not that old a drive.

That guy Murphy, the one that wrote all those laws?  Lives here part time, 
drinks my beer too. :)

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