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Richard Barmann composed on 2015-08-16 00:51 (UTC-0400):

> I have the card in a PCI slot at this time, The motherboard is P4M800 
> Pro-M7. This is the card in there now. NVIDIA UNIX x86 Kernel Module  
> 304.125. I went to sysinfo to find that. The G-Force went out and I 
> ordered one on line
>   it would not work and the seller would not give me a refund so I 
> bought the NVIDIA locally.

Ouch and ouch. That motherboard's onboard video is weakly suppored VIA
Unichrome, while its video card slot is AGP, which offers a seriously poorer
selection of suitable card choices. AFAICT, everything that old is beyond
decent driver support. It's probably time to consider a new motherboard or
PC. If you can find a Radeon 9500 on eBay for $20 or so you might get lucky.
A newer PCI card than the 6200 might be a better bet if your budget won't
allow the more serious upgrade of motherboard or PC.

eBay should still have a good selection of socket 775 motherboards that will
provide a PCI Express slot and/or decently supported onboard Intel video, and
take your old CPU and RAM. Among candidates are and would take
your old CPU, but you would need new RAM, and get a faster PC without
spending more than you would for a mid-level video card, if you could even
find one suitable for AGP or PCI. It uses the same chipset as on a PC I have
here that works fine with Kubuntu 14.10, openSUSE Tumbleweed and 13.2, Mageia
5 and Fedora 22 and 23.
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