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Sun Aug 16 03:59:14 UTC 2015

Richard Barmann composed on 2015-08-15 23:01 (UTC-0400):

> Felix Miata wrote:

>> Did you ever replace your GeForce 6200 video card you reported using here 6
>> weeks ago? Maybe you are suffering from using a card with defective driver
>> support?

> No I did not replace anything because I need someone to tell me what to  

That's a tricky thing to try to do. First we need to know if your 6200 is
part of the motherboard or is a separate card similar to this:

If not a separate card, then we need to know if the motherboard has a slot
designed specifically for a separate video card. Given the age of the 6200, a
slot if present would most likely be of PCI Express 16X type. If there is no
PCI Express slot, then you would need a PCI type, and of course an empty slot
to put it in.

To put a card in a slot requires knowing the approximate size of the computer
case. If it's around 4" or so thick, you would need a low profile type. If
it's around 5" or more, and standard type would be needed. Many lower priced
cards come with both brackets so that they can fit either case type. Usually
changing the bracket is a simple matter of two screws.

Once all the above is accounted for, it becomes a matter of choosing your
poison. There really are too many choices. Odds are the one linked to above
would work for you. Read the reviews on it. If the low ones bother you more
than the good ones please you, choose another according to what you are
comfortable spending, and read its reviews the same way. Odds are whatever is
available locally at Best Buy, Staples, Office Depot or WalMart would work
equally well. All should be at least 5 years newer than your 6200.

To maximize the possibility that whatever you choose will work in Kubuntu
15.04 with the least amount of fuss, make sure it's not a model less than a
year or two old, and make sure it has an NVidia (aka GeForce) video chip, so
that it should work immediately with the already installed nouveau driver in
the XFCE you already have installed.

Sites like the following should help you decide if you want more info than above:

My personal choice is ATI/AMD over NVidia, because the ATI/AMD FOSS driver
seems to be less often troublesome than nouveau, whereas more NVidia users on
Linux prefer using proprietary drivers. Also I don't use puters for games.

> replace it with. I am in Newton County, GA On Ga highway 212  2 miles 
> west of the intersection of 212 and 162. Just above the Henry County line.

The GA line is at least 250 miles from here, so not doable for me.
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