Can't reactivate Special Video Effects after failed attempt with Kernel 4.0.0 (64 - Bit)

James R McKenzie jimmckenzie at
Fri Apr 17 05:50:23 UTC 2015

The failed attempt with Kernel 4.0.0 basically manifested with no sound support.

As far as Video Effects, Stuff like "Falling Apart" and "Wobbly Windows" quit working even though I completely removed Kernel 4.0.0 (64 - Bit)
and reverted back to Kernel 3.19.2 where they effects "All" worked fine before. I've tried switching drivers and then going back to the driver that worked just fine before which believe it or not is the Nvidia Nouveau driver. Open-GL won't work with anything else. As for the newer drivers that have been coming out in the last few weeks my desktop (GUI) won't launch at all with any of them so Nvidia 346.35 not only didn't go well it didn't go at all. None of the other De-facto Drivers that came with 14.10 worked either (304.125, 304.
125 Updates, 311.113 & 311.113 Updates) 

FYI My Video Card is A PNY Nvidia GT 630 with 2GB of RAM. I don't know what else to include in this so if there is anything else ask for that specifically and see what I can do to fill in the blanks.  

Thanks In Advance for any/all help.

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