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Bruce Marshall bmarsh at bmarsh.com
Sun Apr 5 01:50:49 UTC 2015

On 04/04/2015 09:23 PM, Richard Barmann wrote:
>> Yes I get the Grub screen. I have to pick Version 14..10 to read your 
>> Emails and then boot up again to get to Version 15.04 to try the 
>> fixes. I think I can get a Comand Line in Grub plus several other 
>> choices. I really appreciate the time all of you are puting in to 
>> help me solve this. I was just used to calling my friend, Robbie, and 
>> he would tell me what to do or how to get the Info needed to solve 
>> it. After he died I found I did not know that much about Linux 
>> because he was always there

Ok, try this.  I haven't had time to research it all, but it will be 
temporary and won't hurt anything if it doesn't work.

1)  Boot to the grub screen

2) Press 'e'       (for edit)

3) You will see a 'boot sequence'  and near the bottom  (about the 2nd 
line from the bottom) you will see a 'linux' line that has your kernel 

My linux line looks like:
Konsole output
linux   /vmlinuz-3.19.0-12-generic 
root=UUID=8ac4a47b-5ba7-4dac-b259-5e4c87045518 ro  vga=795

We're only concerned with the end part:   yours will probably  have ro  
quiet splash

replace the 'quiet splash'  with  the vga=795

If you know more about your screen resolution, you might use the 
appropriate value from the chart below.

*VGA Resolution and Color Depth reference Chart:*

*Depth* 	*800×600* 	*1024×768* 	*1152×864* 	*1280×1024* 	*1600×1200*
8 bit 	vga=771 	vga=773 	vga=353 	vga=775 	vga=796
16 bit 	vga=788 	vga=791 	vga=355 	vga=794 	vga=798
24 bit 	vga=789 	vga=792 		vga=795 	vga=799

4) After the changes, press F10 to boot.

Hope it does better for you.

You might also try    vga=normal   but I am not sure that is used anymore.
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