Lost login user icons

Homer fsunoles at gmail.com
Mon Sep 29 18:19:50 UTC 2014

Every since I installed Kubuntu 14.04 I have often had a problem when
updating.  After an update, I believe an update with a new kernel, I don't
have the user icons on the screen so I can't login.  To get past this I
have remote connected to the machine and this has always made the user
icons appear, and I'm then able to login.  Until today.  Now I can't get
the icons to appear, and I can only remote login.

I've also discovered I'm unable to enter grub during the boot process.
I've tried adding 10 seconds to the grub timeout, but I'm left with a
blank/black screen for those 10 seconds, and then it boots.  I'd like to
try a previous kernel.

Ideas?  Suggestions?
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