Password required to mount External Drives, Thumb Drives & SD Chips after upgrading to Kubuntu 14.10

James R McKenzie jimmckenzie at
Mon Oct 27 05:44:20 UTC 2014

I just rebooted my system for the first time since doing a command line upgrade of Kubuntu 14.04 to Kubuntu 14.10 and when I tried to open one of the External Drives I was presented with a system needs authorization screen (basically it asked me to type in the administrative password in order to allow the drive(s) to mount) I played a hunch and discovered that I have to so this in order to open "ANY" external drive of any kind. Is there a setting I can change to do away with this and if so exactly where is it? I load my preferred wallpaper from an external drive (none of the provided images are of any interest at all, they are all too boring) and it can't load with this setting. I already went into the control center and set all external drives to auto-mount on start-up but that apparently didn't have the desired effect. Am I over-looking something? Any/All help will be appreciated.

Thank You In Advance.

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