Ralf Mardorf kde.lists at
Sun Mar 30 03:39:46 UTC 2014

Hi Lindsay :)

On Sun, 2014-03-30 at 05:26 +0200, Ralf Mardorf wrote:
> On Sun, 2014-03-30 at 13:14 +1000, Lindsay Mathieson wrote:
> > A significant percentage of the emails on the various kde devel lists are 
> > signed.                                                   ^^^^^
> You trim quotes, you bottom/inline post, you don't use HTML. I like your
> replies and I'm able to stand signed messages from you, however, signing
> messages to mailing lists is completely useless.

... and your line breaks are ok to :).

Assumed you are a trusted developer and you send a patch to a devel
mailing list, signing makes sense ;).

This is a user mailing list, we likely don't know each other and we
don't send something like patches for code.

What should signing be good for? It just increase traffic.


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