Clean installation of Kubuntu and Palapeli

Peter Hillier-Brook phb at
Tue Mar 25 13:54:36 UTC 2014

On 24/03/14 18:19, Bas G. Roufs in English wrote:
> On Monday 24 March 2014 17:45:21 Peter Hillier-Brook wrote:
>> Palapeli... I tried e-mailing the author to no avail so I'm hoping
>> someone here has an idea?
> No experience with  'Palapeli 'my self. However, take a look at this
> page: At the bottom
> of that page, you will find the author you probably already tried to
> contact.
> If I were you, I would take recourse to the info resources mentioned
> on the right hand side of that page, under the following headings:
>> More about Palapeli
>> Get help
>> Contact the authors
> Respectfully Yours,
> Bas G. Roufs.

Thanks for the intended help, but I've been down all of those avenues to 
no avail.

Peter HB

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