Clean installation of Kubuntu and Palapeli

Alan Dacey (grokit) grokit at
Mon Mar 24 18:01:43 UTC 2014

If you remember the name of one of your puzzles, you can use the locate command to find it.  Not at my computer with Palapeli installed so I can't use that now.
So if one of them is named " I_See_A SUPER_cow_that_goes_moo" the file name should be similar and you can type 'locate I_See'.


On Monday, March 24, 2014 5:45:21 PM Peter Hillier-Brook wrote:
> Whilst I subscribe to the view that a clean installation rather than a 
> dist-upgrade of a new Kubuntu version is a good idea I'm inhibited by my 
> addiction to palapeli. I cannot find the location where completed 
> puzzles are stored, but they're definitely not in 
> ~/.kde/share/config/pal* This means I have to re-complete previously 
> completed puzzles which I find somewhat tedious.
> I tried e-mailing the author to no avail so I'm hoping someone here has 
> an idea?
> Peter HB
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