The VueScan Kiss-off

Billie Walsh bilwalsh at
Tue Jan 28 01:58:11 UTC 2014

On 01/27/2014 07:46 PM, Bruce Marshall wrote:
> I've been using VueScan as a scanning application for probably 5 years.  It
> is/was a good application and it supports a lot of scanners.
> But with Kubuntu 13.4 (and who knows what other distros of linux) it has a
> "window" problem.  If you click on any action, such as PREVIEW or SCAN or even
> FILE--->Exit, the program fails to do ANYTHING.   It is only when you switch
> to a different desktop,  or window, or minimize the Vuescan window, that any
> action will take place.
> The program WILL work, but only if you fiddle and diddle with switching or
> minimizing windows to give it a "kick".
> I've been working with Ed Hammrick  (Ed Hamrick <vuescan at>) to try to
> solve these issues but in essence, he could care less.
> His recent statements:
> "Yes, I recommend you use a different scanning solution."
> "Yes, I'm probably going to stop supporting Linux in the next few weeks."
> "I get less than 1% of my revenues from Linux, and increasingly
> the poor quality control in various distributions and increasingly
> fragmented distributions makes it difficult to make a single
> executable work on many Linux distributions."
> So he's giving up on linux and telling us all to "take it somewhere else" to
> put it bluntly.
> This has to be a simple problem since the program only has a window problem,
> but he's not interested in any solution.
> So my question to the group is:  "what other scanning solution are you using
> under linux?"
> Once again, linux users are second class citizens.

I've been using Skanlite. It's pretty basic but fill my needs just fine. 
I don't do a lot of scanning.


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