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On 2014-02-22 00:16 (GMT+0100) Ralf Mardorf composed:

> Then even Debian isn't the distro you should use. Use a distro that made
> the transition to systemd around two years ago, resp. a distro that at
> least nowadays use systemd by default.

As usual for bleeding edge/alpha-stage technology adoption, Fedora led the 
way with/for systemd.

>  Debian's systemd seems to be some
> kind of hybrid that tries to keep some compatibility to
> SysVinit/initscripts,

Sysvinit compatibility matters WRT activities dependent on legacy devices 
from manufacturers that no longer exist to provide new or updated 
systemd-compatible installation and/or maintenance packages.

>AFAIK e.g. by keeping naming e.g. eth0 instead of
> changing it to enp3s0.

I don't recall systemd having any direct relationship to predictable 
interface names. Those who wish to keep eth0 eth0 have to option to do so 
with or without systemd.
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