kmail in 12.04.3 LTS won't start

Gene Heskett gheskett at
Sat Feb 8 07:54:03 UTC 2014

On Saturday 08 February 2014 02:43:28 O. Sinclair did opine:

> On 08/02/14 05:12, Gene Heskett wrote:
> > Greetings;
> > 
> > We went through this last july when I first tried to migrate to 12.04
> > LTS, and AFAICR I never got an answer that changed anything then. 
> > And its a show stopper for me unless I can figure out how to make
> > claws-mail either import or see the kmail, mostly maildir
> > directories.  It does see the folders, but they are empty as far as
> > claws-mail is concerned.
> > 
> > The kmail error is
> > Could not create inbox resourceId:2
> > 
> > Video is close to totally useless here, so I swapped drives and
> > rebooted to 12.04.3 LTS again, did the full update catchup, hundred
> > files or so, then poked around in the prefs and found a color scheme
> > my eyes could tolerate, and Oxygen with that over bright cyan halo
> > around everything sure ain't it.
> > 
> > Fired up firefox, all the news site videos I tried to play worked
> > well, so that alone makes it worth while to pursue the upgrade.
> > 
> > I had previously copied, back in 7/2013 the full $HOME/Mail tree to
> > the new drive thinking that ought to make the new kmail at least run,
> > but while I own the whole $HOME tree, its all no permissions or
> > similar.
> > 
> > So what is the next thing to check?  And what the heck IS resourceId:
> > 2 talking about?
> I would have a look at the "import manually" part of this page:

Took a look, bookmarked FFR.  Thanks.
> I remember renaming my mail folder to something like oldmail, starting a
> completely "empty" KMail, set up accounts and then import the old mails.

Thats around 15Gb to 30Gb to move as some of it dates back to 2002.  The 
page says it will use the old ~/Mail if found, which is there.  But if it 
can't create a resourceId, whatever that is, that seems like a perms 
problem.  So what IS this "resourceId: 2", and where is it supposed to be 
located? I am a C.E.T., used to troubleshooting to the bad part level, and 
that pages shotgun and pray approach does not satisfy my curiosity as to 
what actually is wrong.

> Regards
> Sinclair

Thanks, Sinclair.

Cheers, Gene
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