Transferring e-mail from an Android tablet

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2014-02-05 Phil <phil_lor at>:

> Thank you for reading this.
> I will be touring Asia for a month and I'm wondering if I should buy a
> cheap Android tablet to receive e-mails from the many lists that I
> subscribe to and perhaps do a little web browsing as well. I'm not sure
> that I can justify the cost of even a cheap device for what seems like a
> trivial use.
> My question is; is it possible to transfer e-mail from an Android device
> to the Thunderbird reader on my home computer when I arrive back home? If I
> can't then I'll save a hundred dollars and have the joy of sorting through
> 4,000 e-mails on my return.
If you use IMAP or a gmail account, the e-mails will be stored on the
server and you can get them from there when you get back home. If you use
POP3, most e-mail clients and most servers support leaving the mail on the
server after fetching, so you can fetch them again when you get back home.
In neither case will you need to copy the e-mails from the Android device
to your computer, just leave them on the server and fetch them with
Thunderbird when you get back home.

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