Akonadi Google Contacts not working inside Kontact after upgrading to Kubuntu 14.04

Valter Mura valtermura at gmail.com
Wed Apr 23 19:58:25 UTC 2014

Hi All

the subject is not totally true, because I can setup an agent Akonadi Google 
Contacs with my own Gmail account, but:

- I cannot see the Gmail Addressbook inside Kontact
- I can see a setup personal addressbook (Kde) that works correctly
- if I try to create an Akonadi Google Contact inside Kontact, the system will 
create it (I can observe it also from System Settings > Personal Information, 
it is created and ready t use, green spot), but I cannot see it from inside 
Kontact, and nothing can be read and/or add to my existing Google addressbook

Kubuntu 14.04
KDE 4.13

Any hints?

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