Dependency problems - part 2

Nils Kassube kassube at
Wed May 22 09:44:26 UTC 2013

Phil wrote:
> On 22/05/13 16:53, Phil wrote:
> > I'm running into many dependency problems while trying to install
> > several different packages. Netcat is the most recent package that
> > fails to install due to dependency problems.
> > 
> > Is anyone else having problems installing netcat on Kububtu 13.04?
> I have another laptop running Xubuntu and I have been able to install
> netcat without any problem at all. So, is this dependency problem
> related to Kubuntu (a bug of some sort) or is it possible that
> something is amiss with my installation?

I can't confirm the problem - just installed netcat on Kubuntu 13.04. 
And your Xubuntu experience shows that there shouldn't be a problem. 
After all the repositories for Xubuntu and Kubuntu are the same. Could 
you provide some more detail? Please run the command

sudo apt-get update

and post the output of the command

sudo apt-get install netcat

in a terminal on the machine with the dependency problem.


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