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Mon May 6 12:09:50 UTC 2013

"Jörg von Frantzius" <jfrantzius at> wrote:

>Hi Sinclair,
>I'm not on 13.04 yet but would like to, and I'm a bit worried now about
>problems with Broadcom wireless drivers. Do you have the
>bcmwl-kernel-source package installed? Could you tell a bit what the
>symptoms were?
>2013/5/3 O. Sinclair <o.sinclair at>
>> After a disaster upgrade to 13.04 thought I share my experience and
>> ask a question.
>> For starters: the upgrade as such went smooth. It was when I rebooted
>> headaches started.. with plasma crashing on login, endless error
>> desktop looking weird and freezes.
>> I eventually found out that in kernel 3.6 or 7 and up to at least 2.8
>> vgaswitcheroo function is buggered. This is the one that assist us
>> "hybrid graphics" owners to kill off one gpu or switch between them.
>In my
>> case I either kill my AMD or watch my fan eating battery alive. AMD
>> proprietaty drivers stopped working after 11.10 and yes I have tried
>> Catalyst Legacy.
>> So OK thought perhaps I could live with that after a looong first
>login I
>> have to log out and then on second login things look kind of normal.
>> Then I discover that the Brodacomm wireless driver has gone buggered
>> upgrade and I can not downgrade. Any new wifi connection refuses to
>> That is where I gave up and reverted to my trusty Remastersys created
>> 12.10 KDE 4.10.0 custom install usb.
>> My question is now: I do not want to upgrade to 4.10.2 via backports
>> as it has issues in KDEPIM but want to only go to 4.10.1 . Does
>anyone know
>> of way of doing that?
>> For me with AMD/Intel hybrid graphics and Broadcomm wireless 13.04 is
>> no-go, will have to wait for 13.10 and see what happens.
>> Best regards,
>> Sinclair
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Broadcom works fine for me.  Try it out with a love CD if you wamt to resolve your doubts. 

Scott K

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