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Bas G. Roufs - En. basroufs at gmail.com
Sun Jun 23 14:16:19 UTC 2013

Hello again, Ramesh,

First of all, I DID receive the screen shots you have sent the reply to my 
previous mail. 

>From your reply, I get that your system does not yet recognise your external 
HD as an external HD. Now, I remember, I had a similar problem when I was 
trying to get on the way with my own 2 TB  external HD. 
On the other hand, you manage to find it via "lsusb".This is a good starting 
point. Stay in the command line  and follow the instructions of this page:


See also amongst others this one:

If you need more info, go to Google and give in this search string:
mount external hdd Ubuntu command line
!! Take care of consulting pages not older than about one year!!

Secondly, I need to slightly amend my own explanation on "Lucky Backup".

> Finally, one point of attention with respect to Lucky Backup. A few times, I
> got back "old" files and folders from the external HD back to the laptop.
> Later, I found out how to prevent this. I use the option "synchronise source
> and destination.". The laptop, /home/user name, is the "source" in this case.
> The external HD is the destination: /media/name-of-external-HD/user name. 
> One
> of the "advanced" options I use, is this one: "delete files on the
> destination". By doing so, I make sure I get the most recent files and
> folders configuration on BOTH source AND destination.
> In case you have to put back your files and folders to your laptop, after a
> fresh install, simply use one time an option like "clone source to
> destination". In that case, do NOT use the advanced option "delete files  on
> the destination".

If you want to avoid getting back old files and old folder structures, it is better to act 
as follows:

     *  start Lucky Backup in root mode and choose for the main option "backup source 
inside destination";
     *  than go to ADVANCED > tab "command options";
     *  inside the tab "command options", tick the first 4 boxes from the left, "Preserve 
.... special files";
     *  stay in the same tab and tick the first 3 boxes from the right: "Delete ..... from the 
     *  still stay in the same tab and tick the box "Do NOT create extra directory";
     *  now go to the tab "exclude", and tick ALL the boxes there;
     *  stay in the same tab and check via the button "validate;
     *  when everything seems to be OK, press at the button "run" and give Lucky 
Backup the time to carry out it's job;
     *  after the process, check the result via the command line file manager "Midnight 
Commander" via the command "sudo mc";
     *  check both the computer and your external HD and remove the files/ folders you 
do not need any more on both sides;
     *  you can find your external disk via /media;
     *  if you do not have Midnight Commander, install  it via' sudo apt-get install mc';
     *  repeat the backup process explained above as often as you want - at least once or 
twice a week, or even daily in case of very intense working days behind the PC. 
Good luck. My next possibility to get back to you at this forum is probably tomorrow.

Respectfully yours,
Bas Roufs.

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