problem loading i8k module upon boot

Bruce Marshall bmarsh at
Mon Jun 10 17:45:42 UTC 2013

On Monday, June 10, 2013 03:30:32 AM Juan R. de Silva wrote:
> I need to load i8k module upon boot for lm-sensors to be able to read 
> data from my Dell laptop fan. In Ubuntu 12.04 I just added line "i8k" to 
> /etc/modules file and everything works just fine. 
> However in Kubuntu 12.10 added the same line to the same file has no 
> effect. That is the i8k module is not loaded upon boot. The only thing I 
> can see in kernel log is the following error:"i8k: unable to get SMM BIOS 
> version". Tried to add line "i8k force=1" without any results either.
> Running 'modprobe i8k' in CLI loads the module and 'sensors' reads the 
> fan data as expected. But this rightfully does not survive a reboot.
> What's the heck makes Kubuntu so different from its "big brother"? Any 
> suggestions, please?

I always run "sensors-detect" and let it find the modules needed to load and 
then auto-update the /etc/modules file.  Something may have changed with 

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