Start with the wanted activity

Nils Kassube kassube at
Tue Jun 4 21:36:12 UTC 2013

On my laptop I have Kubuntu 12.04 (64 bit) installed with KDE 4.10.3 
from the Kubuntu backports ppa. I have a little problem with my main 
account: After the first login there is always a "new activity" active 
and if I try to switch to my customized activity, it isn't available. 
There is only this single new activity. However if I then logout and 
login again, I can at least select the wanted activity. Furthermore 
there is an additional "new activity" created after every reboot.

Strangely enough this only happens with my main account but not for the 
second account which was also created long before the upgrade from 10.04 
to 12.04. This second account only has one customized activity and there 
is never a new activity created automagically.

Finally I have now created a third account to find out what should 
happen with an account created with KDE 4.10.3. I had only customized 
the first activity for this account and didn't create a new activity 
myself. However after the next reboot, there was a new activity created. 
But the first customized activity is automatically started after every 
login, never the wrong activity. Furthermore there are no more new 
activities created after reboot.

Now the question is this: What do I have to change for my main account 
to get the same behaviour of one of the other accounts where the wanted 
customized activity is started every time? I wouldn't mind if there are 
additional unused activities, I only care about the one customized 
activity. Actually I have no use for activity switching, so disabling 
this feature would be fine. 

Comparing the config files in ~/.kde for the three accounts didn't 
provide a clue. By searching the web I found that at least these two 
files are responsible for the activities: 
"~/.kde/share/config/activitymanagerrc" and "~/.kde/share/config/plasma-
desktop-appletsrc". It looks like the first file determines which 
activities are available and which activity should be active while the 
second file describes the layout of the activities. I have already moved 
those files to start with a fresh activity behaviour, but that didn't 
help - therefore I restored the files. I also edited the 
activitymanagerrc file and removed all the additional entries for 
unwanted activities, so it looked like the file from the second account, 
but that also didn't help. The behaviour was always like I described in 
the first paragraph. Are there other config files which might have an 


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