Duplicated messages sent from the list

Bruce Marshall bmarsh at bmarsh.com
Thu Dec 5 03:37:05 UTC 2013

On Thursday, December 05, 2013 01:08:52 AM you wrote:
> > I'll make the change, but I have no confidence that it will change things
> > since this is happening under varied conditions with several mail
> > accounts.
> So it seems to be an issue with KMail. Upstream related or a bad Kubuntu 
> package?  I guess I'll file the bug against a *buntu bug tracker, if I've
> got  some time to do it.

I still think it is a timing problem in my case with picking up the mail...  
Most of the time when I get a duplicate, the SIZE of each email is different.  
Says to me that maybe kmail (or its ungodly complicated 'resources') are 
picking up the mail twice, because it may still be under processing by 
procmail while akonadi is picking it up the first time.  Then it gets picked up 
the second time in its finished form.

I've made some changes to my procmailrc to try to prevent this.  We shall see 
whether it stops the dupes.

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