Alternative PIM?

O. Sinclair o.sinclair at
Mon Nov 19 05:49:14 UTC 2012

On 17/11/2012 20:40, D. R. Evans wrote:
> Valter Mura said the following at 11/17/2012 10:02 AM :
>> In data venerdì 16 novembre 2012 14:34:03, D. R. Evans ha scritto:
>>> 1. All my calendars and contact information are in standard-format ICS and
>>> VCF files.
>>> 2. I am pretty much at the point of despair with everything akonadi-related.
>>> Can anyone recommend any good personal information management programs
>> that
>>> aren't as fragile as the standard kde-pim package?
>> Hi Doc
>> I'm using Kontact, but I'm about to use TB with Gmail (as you are) Imap.
> You are fortunate that kontact is usable at all. Here:
> 1. I get pop-pup errors every few minutes (usually with an error message about
> files being uploaded, which makes no sense since it shouldn't be uploading
> anything anywhere; sometimes it just says "unknown error");
> 2. My remote calendars frequently don't appear at all (and cannot be forced to
> appear); but occasionally when I start kontact, they *do* appear; there is no
> obvious pattern to the different behaviour;
> 3. There is much basic functionality missing in the addressbook;
> 4. To top it off, akonadi can bring my entire machine to a standstill with its
> intense disk activity.
> All this happens even after I wiped everything and started with a pristine
> akonadi installation a couple of days ago.
> Everything worked fine until I updated to 12.10; until the update I never
> understood all the complaints I kept reading about the KDE PIM suite and
> akonadi. Now I understand: it's basically a horribly fragile architecture:
> great as long as it works, but as soon as akonadi decides to fail, everything
> breaks and there's no obvious way to recover.
>> Everthing could be syncronized with the Gmail account without problems (mail,
>> calendar, contacts...)
> I don't like the idea of google knowing anything more than necessary about me,
> so I'm looking at other PIMs. Perhaps evolution is usable... I'm downloading
> it now.
I would check out Zimbra desktop.

Apart from that I would do something I have had to do a few times since 
upgrade to KMail2: from command line "akonadictl stop" (KMail not loaded 
of course), then rename
/HOME/.kde/share/apps/nepomuk folder to something else, then

Then edit the file
to set the lines

and then akonadictl start. Your CPU will be eaten alive for a night or 
so, then things should work as expected. I have done this maybe 4-5 
times and of course would be happier if I did not need to - but for me 
it works.


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