problems with full-screen mode with multiple monitors in 12.10 (worked in 12.04)

David Lang david at
Fri Nov 16 01:17:41 UTC 2012

I haven't seen any response to this (although it is possible I missed it), is 
this the wrong place to post this sort of problem?

David Lang

On Sun, 11 Nov 2012, David Lang wrote:

> in 12.04 when and app went to full-screen mode, it stayed on the monitor that 
> it started on.
> for example, if the app started on an external monitor/projector attached to 
> a laptop, the full-screen display ended up on the external monitor/projector.
> in 12.10, the full-screen display now ends up on the primary monitor only, no 
> matter where the app started.
> This behavior started for me sometime during the 12.04 ->12.10 development 
> cycle, but since I update frequently, started running the 12.10 beta (or was 
> it alpha) early, and run the aurora version of firefox, I can't say at this 
> point exactly when the problem started.
> I initially ran into it with flash videos (which is another part of the 
> reason for not reporting it immediatly), but have since run into it with 
> libreoffice and okular.
> I seem to remember seeing a system settings option in the past that had an 
> option for where this would be displayed (current monitor, primary monitor, 
> or fixed selection), but am not seeing anything like that at this point.
> I have run into this problem on my T61 laptop (nvidia with two screens) and 
> with my desktop at work (ATI with three screens). This happens with both the 
> proprietary and free drivers on both systems.
> I added a note along these lines to the launchpad bug #207480 as that looks 
> like it's someone using flash running into the same problem.
> David Lang

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