How to recover PIM information?

Alan Dacey (grokit) grokit at
Wed Nov 7 00:41:48 UTC 2012

On Tuesday, November 06, 2012 11:50:04 AM D. R. Evans wrote:
> Because of a series of bad things happening, I am in the following situation:
> I have a new installation of Kubuntu 12.10. In particular, all the PIM
> information (kontact, calendars, etc.) is unpopulated. I also have a backup of
> my home directory hierarchy from a 12.04 disk that failed subsequent to the
> backup. This backup contains (somewhere) all my PIM information -- in
> particular all my contacts, in multiple address books, and also my calendars.
> So my question is: how do I find and then import the PIM information from the
> backup disk so that I can use it on the 12.10 system?
> To try to avoid confusion, here is another way to describe the situation: I
> have a functioning 12.10 system with no PIM information. On this system I have
> a directory ~/home-backup/ that contains the complete hierarchy of a home
> directory from a system that contained my PIM information. How do I find and
> transfer the right files from the ~/home-backup/ hierarchy to the new ~
> hierarchy so that the PIM information is available to the new system?
>   Doc

I haven't upgraded yet, still on 12.04 so my system should be similar to your backup.

My emails are in:
     An example is my kubuntu users list emails are in the file "Kubuntu List" in this directory.
     Look for hidden folders in the kmail folder if your mail folder structure is different than mine.


Address books:

RSS Feeds:


I've also got an oddball mailbox that I didn't set up correctly in ~/.kde/share/apps/akonadi_mbox_resource_3/
I can search my old emails in it so I'm happy.

Hope this helps.


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