How to recover PIM information?

D. R. Evans doc.evans at
Tue Nov 6 18:50:04 UTC 2012

Because of a series of bad things happening, I am in the following situation:

I have a new installation of Kubuntu 12.10. In particular, all the PIM
information (kontact, calendars, etc.) is unpopulated. I also have a backup of
my home directory hierarchy from a 12.04 disk that failed subsequent to the
backup. This backup contains (somewhere) all my PIM information -- in
particular all my contacts, in multiple address books, and also my calendars.

So my question is: how do I find and then import the PIM information from the
backup disk so that I can use it on the 12.10 system?

To try to avoid confusion, here is another way to describe the situation: I
have a functioning 12.10 system with no PIM information. On this system I have
a directory ~/home-backup/ that contains the complete hierarchy of a home
directory from a system that contained my PIM information. How do I find and
transfer the right files from the ~/home-backup/ hierarchy to the new ~
hierarchy so that the PIM information is available to the new system?



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