[precise]: how to get kontact working?

Marcelo Magno T. Sales mmtsales at gmail.com
Mon May 28 16:05:00 UTC 2012

2012/5/28 Pastor JW <rev.olson at gmail.com>:
> On Monday, May 21, 2012 8:27:04 am D. R. Evans wrote:
>> kontact worked OK in oneiric.
>> Following an "upgrade" to precise, what happens is that on the GUI
>> interface I get a message:


>> Refraining with some difficulty from a rant, I simply ask...
>> How do I get kontact to work in precise?
> I think it is related; most of my error messages are the same for kmail.   It
> seems akonadi is nowhere near ready for use.  The bad part is like you I have
> all my contacts and everything I use and depend on everyday tied up and
> unuseable in 12.04.  I still have this old 10.04 distro on and older laptop so
> I can still use kmail, but don't have my later messages available anymore.
> I have not found any fixes for it so far as nothing has worked.

In Kubuntu 12.04 release notes there is this link:

That page mentions which configuration files kde-pim uses and suggests
some strategies for the migration.
What I did was move all configuration files and mail directory to
outside my ~/.kde, start Kontact and then import my e-mail. I didn't
have to import my address book from the old files, it was already into
akonadi db.
I recreated all my accounts, identities and mail filters manually, and
also reconfigured KMail manually to make it behave as I was used to,
but KMail is now working ok (by working ok, I mean working like it was
in 11.04, which was the version I was using before, with just a few
aditional problems, but somewhat usable).


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