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> > firefox save
> Not too clear on what you want.
> You can save sessions and the usual with an browser you can
> save files from a web page.
> Each user has his own ~/.mozilla directory.
> If your intention is to have another user using the .mozilla
> of another user you would have to copy it across to that
> user's home directory as root and change ownership as root.
> The idea is that every user has his own environment and
> access is only allowed to that user, root or any others as
> defined in users in /etc/group.
> # grep users /etc/group
> users:x:100:
> If users are added to that group then may be they can have
> access to read and write to another user's files but I have
> no tried it.
> e.g
> users:x:100:fred,tim,danny
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good afternoon. I want to transport bookmarks and the tabs. win firefox has a tool called session manager. for example. If I would now save this session and then I am opening I can see and bbc for example, the program "evolution" owns this tool.  thank You whysky 

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