12.04 is the worst yet

Basil Chupin blchupin at iinet.net.au
Wed May 16 05:40:09 UTC 2012

On 16/05/12 11:45, Marcelo Magno T. Sales wrote:
> Em ter�a-feira 15 maio 2012, Ryan Gauger escreveu:
>> Could you please explain why Thunderbird hurts? I (or somebody else
>> on this ml) may be able to help you out. For me, it works better
>> than Kmail because Thunderbird automatically sets up your email
>> account, but I don't think Kmail does. Thanks!
> The main issue that prevents me from migrating to Thunderbird is that
> its local storage is mbox and this format is very prone to corruption
> and other problems when you have too many e-mails stored or when you
> receive and delete many e-mails very often.

WHOA there! Why are you propagating misinformation?

I have e-mails going back 7 years; I delete messages every day (they go 
into Trash) and I have never, ever, ever, had a corruption of the mail 
folders. NEVER!

After deleting the messages I Compact the folders. And every month I go 
to the Trash folder and ARCHIVE the previous month's deleted messages 
(the archiving is done by Thunderbird itself which is a new feature in 
the latest versions of TB).

And with all of this being done, there have never been any corruptions.

>   I do both and I don't like
> the idea of having all my e-mail history in the hands of some cloud
> provider.

WHAT "cloud provider"?!

The messages are on your HDD, on your own computer.

Are you confusing Thunderbird with some other mail client?

>   I want a local copy of my e-mail archive.

See above - I archive my mail once a month and this is done by Thunderbird.



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