Fwd: Fwd: re update firefox 9 to 11

Steve Riley stvrly at gmail.com
Sun May 13 23:15:20 UTC 2012

You asked a separate questions, so I'll answer them separately.

On 2012-05-14 07:25:42 ray burke <rayburke30 at gmail.com> wrote:
> should that then read
> $ sudo apt-mark hold firefox 10.02
> $ sudo echo firefox 10.02 | dpkg --set-selections
> to stop the 10.02 from trying to install, or should it read
>  with firefox 9.0 so as to pin the 9.0 eg
> $ sudo apt-mark hold firefox 9.0
> $ sudo echo firefox 9.0 | dpkg --set-selections
> as I am a little lost?

My suggestion was to use _either_ of those commands, not both. The commands 
accept only package names (without version details), and the result is that 
the current installed version -- whatever it happens to be -- is the one that 
will be held. Placing a hold on an installed version of any package prevents 
that version from being upgraded.

So, assuming that Firefox version 9.0 is currently installed, then either

    $ sudo apt-mark hold firefox


    $ sudo echo "firefox hold" | dpkg --set-selections

would do the trick.

> I tried the first command with firefox 9.0.1 and result was-
> rayburke at rayburke-desktop:~$ sudo apt-mark hold firefox 9.0.1
> [sudo] password for rayburke:
> Usage: apt-mark [options] {markauto|unmarkauto} packages...
> apt-mark: error: first argument must be 'markauto', 'unmarkauto' or
> 'showauto' rayburke at rayburke-desktop:~$
> so what should it be?

It turns out, and I didn't realize this until earlier today, that the "hold" 
functionality of apt-mark is a recent addition. So using this approach won't 
work for you. Therefore, you'll have to use the second command:

    $ sudo echo "firefox hold" | dpkg --set-selections

Do _not_ indicate a version number here, because remember: the instruction 
means to hold whatever version is currently installed.

_Do_ include the world "hold" inside the quotes.


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