Promoting guake and yakuake (terminal emulators)

Guus gbonnema at
Thu Jun 14 06:17:45 UTC 2012

Hi all,

I use terminal emulators a lot and usually have a few of them strewn 
around the virtual desktops. Recently I just discovered a terminal 
emulator where I can have only one instance no matter where I am on the 
virtual desktop.

The emulators I mean are *guake* for gnome and *yakuake* for kde. I can 
really recommend them. Do you use terminal emulators and never heard of 
them? Give them a go!

When started they will hide until you press F12, which acts as a toggle. 
You can have several terminal instances in one window.

Oh, and don't misstake guake for quake, which is a game.

Kind regards, Guus Bonnema.

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