Nepomuk performance

Jörg von Frantzius jfrantzius at
Wed Jan 18 09:43:07 UTC 2012


this isn't meant to be another bashing of Nepomuk + Strigi.

I'm just wondering about its performance: right now I see a
"nepomukindexer" process seemingly indexing a 1MB PDF file for minutes
(where it should only be seconds). I already wondered why Nepomuk was still
indexing this morning after having turned it on yesterday evening.

Does anybody know what may be the reason, or what can be done about it? I
already increased "Memory Usage" from 50MB RAM to 100MB in the "Desktop
Search" / "Advanced Settings".

Maybe there are different indexing backends to choose from, but I don't
know where to configure this.

Thanks for help,
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