How to store passwords for Windows Shares in Dolphin/KNetAttach?

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Thu Feb 23 13:51:52 UTC 2012

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> Hi!
> I have several Windows Shares I want to mount with KNetAttach and then add
> it to the favorites Panel in Dolphin. Now I have to enter my
> username/password combination everytime I close Dolphin, which is pretty
> annoying. Is there a possibility to save username/pw so I don't have to
> type it all the time?
> Thx in advance!


In Kubuntu Lucid this is done by Kwalletd, AFAIK. You are prompted to
choose a "master password", without what you cannot retrieve the saved

I believe that the same will occur with newer versions (Maverick, Natty,
Oneiric and Precise).

If you intend to script the mounting of these shares, this can be done with
a combination of parameters in /etc/fstab. In special, there is a
"credentials" parameter that you can use to inform a file (which must
belong to root and have 0600 permission) with username, password and domain
to your shared windows folders. Use it along with "user" parameter so you
can mount/unmount it without root privileges, and "noauto" parameter, so it
will be mounted only when you demand it.
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