Akonadi etc

Neil Winchurst barnaby at drofle.co.uk
Sun Feb 19 13:19:48 UTC 2012

On 19/02/12 10:05, Kaj Haulrich wrote:
> On 02/19/2012 09:44 AM, Neil Winchurst wrote:
>> I attended a local Linux users meeting yesterday. I wanted to ask about
>> Akonadi but no one there had heard of it. I then found out that I was
>> the only one present using KDE.
>> So my question is, is akonadi a KDE only program? And if so, do other
>> desktops such as Gnome, Xfce, LXDE have similar programs?
>> Incidentally I don't use akonadi at all and keep it switched off
>> permanently. I would like to remove it altogether, but I have heard that
>> could cause problems.
> Like you, I tried to remove Akonadi, but doing so will remove the whole
> KDE. As a workaround, I remove all KDE-PIM stuff (Kmail, Kontact etc..),
> but Akonadi still sits there, lurking and ready to break whatever it
> dislikes.
> Then, I tried to wipe the whole thing and installed Xubuntu. The big
> idea being that Xubuntu has a feature called "Enable KDE functionality
> during startup" - or some such. OK, then I installed the applications I
> need most (and the reasons why I prefer KDE),namely Digikam, Dolphin,
> Krita, Showphoto and Kdenlive. Everything works like a greased lightning
> - maybe even faster then on generic Kubuntu.
> But Akonadi somehow got installed into Xubuntu in the process...? - So I
> guess it is a dependency for one or more of those KDE-applications.
> Anyway Akonadi hasn't - yet - figured out how to crash or even slow down
> Xubuntu.
> Kaj Haulrich.
 Thanks for the reply. I am probably going to need to update my distro
or replace it soon. I have had a look at Xubuntu, in VBox, and I quite
like it. To be fair, a lot of the stuff in kubuntu I don't want or use.
I have not noticed akonadi yet in my copy of xubuntu.

But, is it a KDE application only? And, secondly, I have always liked
Linux mainly because of having plenty of choice about how it is set up.
If a particular package gets installed automatically during the original
installation and I decide I don't want it, I like the ability to remove
it and replace it with something else without any problems. This is not
the case with akonadi. It seems that the developers have decided that we
will have it, like it or not!!



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