Canonical pulls the plug on Kubuntu

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Thu Feb 9 12:10:03 UTC 2012

I just don't see it being that big a deal. The other *buntu derivatives are
quite good and have a strong loyal following (even more so now that unity
has reared its fugly head).  So long as buntu base is still the best base
and kde running on top of that we still have the best distro out there. Add
to that the community will make the decisions and not be handcuffed by
canonical and we'll have more followers/users than Ubuntu itself.
On Feb 9, 2012 5:01 AM, "Valter Mura" <valtermura at> wrote:

> In data martedì 7 febbraio 2012 16:44:38, Sid Boyce ha scritto:
> > Time to move to another distro that doesn't show such contempt for its
> > users with an attitude that says they will damn well use what we give
> them.
> I agree with you Sid. If Kubuntu should go worse and worse, I'll change
> distro, even if I'm an active contributor of Kubuntu (localization).
> I'll continue to contribute to KDE, obviuosly.
> I've chosen KDE as my preferred DE, and I don't like Gnome very much.
> Note also that, while KDE team develops many important apps, like Kontact,
> Kmail, Koffice, integrated in Kubuntu, Gnome doesn't. Now default e-mail
> and
> browser for Ubuntu/Gnome are Thunderbird and Firefox, which are a Mozilla
> project. I think this is an easier way to work.
> The (my real) dream is that all Distro teams "unify" their efforts to
> create a
> big, strong, stable, to create an unique, KDE distro able to compete with
> major companies' software (I mean Windows and Apple). Of course, there
> could
> be some task-oriented variants (e.g., for graphics, music, edu, and so on),
> but the core should be only one with one year cycle and a great community
> involved to develop and test it.
> Let's see :)
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