How best to make daily routine backups from netbook to 2 external HD's?

Basil Chupin blchupin at
Sat Feb 4 00:02:30 UTC 2012

On 04/02/12 02:17, Bas G. Roufs wrote:
> Dear Everybody
> So far, I have been making backups from time to time via Dolphin or 
> Midnight Commander: OK for one complete backup, but not effective for 
> daily routine focussed at only newly added or changed files. Of 
> course, I have been looking at this issue at the internet. Several 
> packages and methods are being mentioned there. However, I am 
> wondering which method(s) and package(s) work best in practice in my 
> situation: Eee PC 1001 HA along with Kubuntu 11.04 or 11.10, in 
> combination with two external mass storage devices - one HD to store 
> at home, a 2nd one to always carry with me. In fact, I am looking for 
> a package which is able to help me as follows:
>   * making a first complete backup from all the text files, images,
>     photo's, video's, etc. at each of the 2 external devices;
>   * afterwords, making routine backups at each of the two devices
>     while focussing only at files added or modified ever since the
>     previous backup session.

I don't the answer which you are seeking but I do have a suggestion as a 

Seeing as how you already use mc (Midnight Commander), you do know that 
you can click on the Column Heading "Modify Time" and the files get 
resorted with, say, latest down to earliest?

But the other thing, of course, is that using mc you get to answer the 
question whether you want to overwrite files and according to the 
criterium you choose (eg, if size is different, if date is earlier, etc).

> What else to take into account:
>   * I do not want to backup software which is available anyway in the
>     repositories or elsewhere;
>   * My netbook does not run 24/24hours - so I prefer to regulate the
>     time schedule manually instead of relying on some automatic schedule.
> Be so kind to provide me with you practical experience and thoughts. 
> Thanks, respectfully yours,
> Bas Roufs.


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