Activities and non KDE Apps

Lindsay Mathieson lindsay.mathieson at
Wed Apr 18 03:56:19 UTC 2012

Have done a bit of experimenting and in the process have come to quite 
appreciate activities and they will be a lot better once apps behave better 
under them *and* panels respect them.

I've found konqueror to be quite good - with it I can:

- Start it in two different activities with a different set of tabs open in 

- stopping one activity still leaves a konqueror process running, as you woudl 

- stopping both activites stops the konq process.

- No matter which order I stop/start the actitivies, konqueror opens up in the 
same position with the right set of tabs per its parent activity (ie. a 
different set for each activities).

This is pretty much how I would expect an app to work with activities, for 
example I have:

Comics Activity 
 - konq up with half a dozen tabs open to different online comics

Dev Activitiy
- Konq opens to a few online references
- Konsole
- Eclipse (does not stop though)

Games Activity
- KPatience
- A bunch of short cuts to my favourite games

rekonq ufortunately seems to open a random set of saved tabs per activity, I 
guess its not activity aware.

I'd *really* like to have different panels per activity but unfortunately its 
not yet possible.


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