12.04 getting better

Phil Hughes nicafyl at gmail.com
Sun Apr 15 23:45:39 UTC 2012

The updates from about a week ago broke my WiFi card. That is now fixed.
Other issues I need to evaluate are:
  * The kernel at least from Beta 2 required PAE. My T42 laptop is my
favorite and it is pre-PAE. It makes no sense to me that the default for a
kernel called "386" requires an instruction that didn't appear until the
  * The combination of Dolphin, an NFS-mounted filesystem and sleep have
not worked for years. I am sick of complaining about it. I will check to
see if it is fixed but I am not hopeful.

Otherwise, 12.04 is looking pretty good. Not as good as KDE 3.5 as far as
the amount of added crap/overhead but we call that "progress".

Phil Hughes
nicafyl at gmail.com
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