Upgrade Trail

Nils Kassube kassube at gmx.net
Sun Apr 15 15:44:11 UTC 2012

Leslie Anne Chatterton wrote:
> The next long term support version is 12.04, coming out in a few
> weeks. I'm pretty sure you can't upgrade directly from 10.04. If you
> have a separate home directory you can do a clean install without
> losing any data, but you will need to reinstall all applications.

You can also do a fresh install if you don't have a separate home 
partition. At the partitioning option use the manual partitioning and 
use the current root partition. Keep the file system type as it is and 
select not to format the partition. Then the installer will overwrite 
only the system directories but not /home (and maybe some others which I 
don't remember).


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