Calligra office suite: first impressions.

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Sat Apr 14 06:06:37 UTC 2012

On 04/13/2012 04:52 PM, Bas Roufs - message in English wrote:
> Hello Everybody
> Via this mail I would like to give compliments to the developers  of the new 
> KDE office suite "Calligra". Today, I installed it in Kubuntu 11.10 via the 
> regular ppa backport repository. I really love it immediately! It looks like a 
> very adequate toolkit for creative and artistic word processing, sheet 
> calculations, presentations, etc. 
> Of course, there are still a few rough edges to deal with in the further 
> development of Calligra. When observing them, I will share them via this forum 
> - of course, in a constructive way.
> Today, I have experimented a bit with the word processor as wel as with "Brain 
> Dump".  
> In the word procesor, I found two major points of attention so far. 
> I have looked for a possibility for export to .doc, .docx, pdf and other 
> formats. So far, I only found a way to export to PDF: File > export to PDF.
> For the other formats, I have looked under FILE > save as and FILE > export. I 
> did not find it there. I will keep using LibreOffice next to Calligra until this 
> essential feature will be available. 
> In LibreOffice, there is a effective way to establish the 
> basic styles and formatting, like the default font: FORMAT > styles and 
> formatting (F11).  Is there something similar in Calligra?
> With respect to "Braindump": is this meant for mind mapping? I am wondering 
> whether two closely interrelated mind mapping projects also could be 
> integrated somehow in the Calligra family: 
> "Freeplane" (;
> "Docear",
> The combination of Freeplane, Docear, Braindump and all other Calligra 
> packages could create together a very powerful mind mapping, creativity 
> boosting tool box. 
> Finally, I am looking for a widget for the panel: for launching all the 
> Calligra applications. Another good option could be a widget for ALL the office 
> applications. Now, when copying the office typing machine symbol to the panel, I  
> get a duplicate of the K-launcher, however, with the typing machine symbol.
> Here, my first reflection on Calligra finishes.
> Respectfully yours,
> Bas Roufs.

very interesting, will probably install and try it out in the next few
days. you mentioned that export to some MS formats isn't supported, or
implemented, yet. what about import from these formats? does it exist?
is it reliable?
as far as i'm concerned here, PDF is all i need to share my writings,
but the troublesome part is reading the MS files other people send to me.
hopefully, if usable enough, calligra will have a new tester and bug
reporter, to help them get better. i mean really, i don't care much
about lack of features, incosistency, or the sort, as long as the
product is usable enough, i'll help its developers make it better :)

2 hours of aptitude left to get the suite...

Waleed K. Hamra
Manager of Hamra Information Systems

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