No love lost between KMail/Akonadi and fetchmail/postfix/mbox...

Anj Tuesday anj.tuesday at
Thu Nov 24 11:01:55 UTC 2011

On 23/11/11 20:51, gene heskett wrote:
> Let me put it this way.  I have been doing almost exactly that for many
> years, and it will remain so or I'll be asking how to import my 10 year old
> kmail database into claws.  All this recent emphasis on useless, often
> unstable eye candy instead of real usability is discouraging.
> Cheers, Gene

I was so annoyed at KDE yesterday I considered escaping to Mint 12
(once its installer stops crashing on me). But then I chmod -x'ed the
Akonadi executables and remembered how much I like the rest. I'd
miss Dolphin, Kate, Gwenview, Quassel, Kopete and K3b, at any rate...
and my current selection of eye candy. :)


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