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Wed May 4 15:54:09 UTC 2011

04/05/2011 16:08, Varun Bedwal wrote:
> Thanks
> But now i m having dependencies problem
> what to do?

What dependency problem do you have exactly ? b43-fwcutter only requires
libc6 which should already be installed anyway. See


Which version are you using ? The link is for the latest "Natty" 11.04
version but maybe you are using an earlier one ?

This wifi card requires a firmware to work, it is downloaded at install
time by b43-fwcutter, but this won't happen if you don't have an
Internet connexion.

So you just need to get the firmware separately, given your card the
firmware you need should be located here:


The firmware should be extracted from the downloaded archive and copied
in directory /lib/firmware/.

If you have an error message when the firmware is loaded, you can try
this older one:


For detailed instruction WITHOUT an Internet connection read:


If the "bcm43" solution doesn't work, you can try an alternate driver
"STA", you'll find instructions there:


Try one, then the other if the first doesn't work, but don't mix both or
you'll end up in a mess !

If you encounter difficulties, please be specific and try to post error
messages, or link to the "step" in tutorial which is causing you trouble.

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