Manual checkdisc for Kubuntu HDD

ray burke rayburke30 at
Fri Mar 18 19:24:57 UTC 2011

thanks will give
"sudo touch /forcefsck" a try and see what happens and report back


On 3/19/11, Jonas Norlander <jonorland at> wrote:
> 2011/3/18 O. Sinclair <o.sinclair at>:
>> On 18/03/2011 08:14, Nils Kassube wrote:
>>> ray burke wrote:
>>>> I cant wait for the system to apply a checkdisc when booting up, I
>>>> want to manually start one, as when I clonned
>>>> over it suggested I do one?
>>> You can use the command
>>> sudo touch /forcefsck
>>> in a terminal. Then the system will check the disks at the next boot.
>> Interesting - mine never seems to check the /home partition, is there way
>> to
>> force that as well?
> You can use tune2fs to change the max-mount-counts and mount-count
> values in a ext2/3/4 filesystem. You can use the -C switch to force a
> check at next boot.
> From the manual:
> -C mount-count
>               Set  the  number  of  times  the  filesystem has been
> mounted.  If set to a greater value than the max-mount-counts
> parameter set by the -c option, e2fsck(8) will check the filesystem at
> the next reboot.
> / Jonas
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