Transferring music files to an iPod Touch on Natty

Nigel Ridley nigel at
Tue Jun 21 15:16:58 UTC 2011

On 06/21/2011 05:41 PM, Tom Bell wrote:
> On 6/21/2011 9:22 AM, Nigel Ridley wrote:
>> Hi,
>> My boy just got an iPod Touch 4 generation and wants to be able to put some MP3's on it from
>> his computer running a fresh updated install of Natty (11.4).
>> I have installed ifuse and can see the iPod when connected via USB.
>> So how do I move some music files to the device? I tried Amarok but trying to drag and drop
>> doesn't work. At the moment he has no 'Music' folder on the iPod as he hasn't downloaded any
>> songs from anywhere.
>> Strange thing is that the iPod doesn't show up as a removable device and I can't 'unmount' it.
>> The same is true for his phone - a Samsung 3G model -- when he presses the 'Play Media' option
>> it doesn't 'mount' but we can still see the music files and copy them to his computer. If he
>> presses the 'Cellphone Memory' (sort of translated from Hebrew) then it is recognized as a usb
>> mass storage device and can me 'unmounted'.
>> I only mentioned his cellphone issues as they seem to be similar to his iPod ones.
>> Any help appreciated.
>> Nigel
> Did you attempt to create an empty folder, called music, on
> your computer and drag-n-drop it onto the iPod?
> Tom

Yes I did try but it probably has to do with the following error message:

Unknown error code 150
could not find the requested device on the USB port

The above error message comes from the following steps:

Plug in iPod Touch to the USB port > message notification 'Available Devices' appears on the 
desktop with a camera option > choose 'Open with file manager' > click on 'MTP Device' folder in 
the resulting Dolphin window

The other folder available is 'USB PTP Class Camera' with some sub-folders:
store_00010001 > DCIM > 800AAAAA > then access to available pics (.jpg's)
Even when opening the 'USB PTP Class Camera' and its subsequent folders and copying photos, there 
is no info anywhere about it being mounted - which seems strange - also I cannot 'Safely remove' it.


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