Problems with Kubuntu 11.04 so far.

Mark Fraser ubuntu at
Wed Jun 8 08:04:22 UTC 2011

On Wednesday 08 Jun 2011 00:30:17 Thomas Olsen wrote:
> On Wednesday 08 June 2011 00:08:53 Mark Fraser wrote:
> > I've been running 11.04 since Saturday and have already come across some
> > serious problems:
> > 1) Konqueror no longer integrates with KFind in that Ctrl-F doesn't do
> > anything. Dolphin will only search in folders that are indexed with
> > Nepomuk.
> When you press Ctrl-F there's a non-intrusive search form at the bottom of
> the page.

Not here there isn't. At the moment I've added it to the context menu for 
> > 2) Ark no longer opens .deb files. Complains that it doesn't know the
> > compression type.
> If you click on a .deb file it would open with GDebi install. Or you could
> right-click on it and select "Open with".
> #notabug #usetherighttool ;-)

If I want to decompress a .deb to get at a file inside I used to be able to 
right-click select "Extract archive here, autodetect subfolder" and the folder 
would be extracted to the current directory.

> > 3) Audio CDs are recognised as CD-ROMs which means there is no choice to
> > rip the audio.
> That's a bug (or missing feature). I think it's possible to set it up in
> System Settings/Hardware/Device Actions but I spend more than an hour
> yesterday trying to figure out how to make it offer to open Partition
> Manager when I attached a removeable disk, all to no avail.
> I just noticed that when you hover the CD-ROM entry in the Device Notifier
> popup it says "Play Audio CD with Amarok" so it sees it as an audio CD but
> there's only one option :-/
> Well just ignore the Device Notifier popup, open Dolphin and write
> audiocd:/ as the file path. You'll have to RMB-click just to the right of
> the path name first if it is set to showing "bread crumbs".
> Otherwise file a bug report at launchpad.

As Clay said there is already a bug report on Launchpad which I have 
subscribed to.
> > 4) Firefox keeps forgetting installed add-ons.
> File a bug report at launchpad.

Will do a search on Launchpad later to see if one has already been filed, but 
looking at it looks like a few others are having the same 

> > 5) Something odd happening with configuring Phonon in System Settings. If
> > you try to configure Phonon, the Apply button is highlighted before you
> > do anything. If I then go to Speaker Setup, the sound card is my webcam.
> > If I go back to the main page and then back to Speaker Setup there is
> > now no sound card available.
> Yeah, that KCM is rather flaky and has been for a while.
> File a bug report at There's probably already one there ;-)

Bug reported.

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