How to back-up my mobile phone address book via Bluetooth or otherwise?

Bas Roufs basroufs at
Tue Jan 4 14:50:28 UTC 2011

Hello Sinclair and Everybody.

Thanks for your reply, Sinclair, to this question.

>> At present I still do not manage to copy the phone numbers and
>> addresses from my mobile to my laptop via an external usb Bluethooth
>> dongle.

A few minutes ago, I tried to carry out your suggestion:
> The only application I am aware of that works reasonably ok with mobile
> phones, linux and bluetooth/usb is Wammu. It is in the repos and there is
> also a PPA for it I believe.

Via the regular repos, I have installed Wammu and dependencies. But
the result is the same: communication with the phone via the USB
dongle, but still no access to the address book. A feed back I get
when trying to retrieve my phone book contacts via the laptop, is
something like "your phone does not support this function". A more
detailed debugging report you can find via this link:

When trying to export the contacts from the phone via bluetooth to the
laptop, I get again a feedback like "failed connection". The software
in my mobile does not deliver any debugging report :-)

Any other suggestion: either via Wammu or via BlueDevil or via any
other package and method?
Thanks, respectfully yours,


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