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gene heskett gheskett at wdtv.com
Tue Jan 4 20:36:22 UTC 2011

On Tuesday, January 04, 2011 02:51:18 pm Bruce Marshall did opine:

> On Tuesday, January 04, 2011, gene heskett wrote:
> > Greetings all;
> > 
> > I am trying to make use of an elderly wap11 access point here, whose
> > default iP has been changed and it cannot now be found, probably
> > because it is on a different block of 192.168.x.x subnet addresses.
> > 
> > This device also has a usb port and supposedly can be administered
> > over a usb connection.  However, it will not enumerate a connection
> > even when plugged directly into a motherboard breakout port.
> Can you do a factory reset??   Usually a button push?  That would
> probably put it back to
This one has been opened up and well searched with no luck.  And of course 
the ethernet snmp tool, wap11-gui, has not been buildable on linux since 
2.6.24, wayyyy back up the log from 2011.  I just did find a quad of pads 
to mount a teeny pushbutton to, labeled S901.  If the switch was installed, 
its operating stem would stick out, presumably flush, with a hole in the 
back edge of the pan, centered between the power socket and the usb port.  
The hole of course has not been drilled. ;)

This ones PCB is marked as "wireless AP, rev 3A1 5/18/2001".

I have downloaded the wap11 user manual from the linksys site, and will see 
if what I see makes sense while reading that.

> The USB port is probably for external storage.  I just installed a
> Netgear router which has the same setup for USB.

According to the manual, the part I did read, windows has a tool to admin 
it over a usb circuit.  And its default ip is or some such if 
I read that right.

OTOH, I might be time ahead to go see what I can find for an AP at Staples 

Thanks, a lot.

Cheers, Gene
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