K/UbuntuOS/ZorinOS 64

Nils Kassube kassube at gmx.net
Fri Feb 11 06:01:46 UTC 2011

GeraldCC wrote:
> I have been trying K/Ubuntu 

Which K/Ubuntu version is that? 10.04? 10.10?

> and Zorin on 3 machines and the software
> seems to turn off the usb ports after a while--anywhere from 30sec
> to 30 mins. These system run IDE+SATA1+SATA2 combination.
> On a 4th machine, some 6YO a 64FX53, using only IDE drives this does
> not happen.

I haven't seen that effect until now but I'm quite sure it doesn't 
depend on the way the disks are connected. Anyway, does the USB port 
still work if you connect a new device or is it really dead after the 
problem starts?

> All these systems feed through a Belkin usb hub to supply wireless
> keyboard and mouse.

Wireless mouse reminds me of the part a friend of mine has. After a 
while the mouse doesn't work any longer and it wakes up only if you 
click once (left/right click doesn't matter). But probably you know 
about that bahaviour if your mouse does the same.

What else is connected via USB? Could you connect the mouse/keyboard 
directly without the USB hub? After all it might as well be a faulty hub 
causing the problem.


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