maverick: Firefox back/forward buttons

Isak Enström isak.enstrom at
Sat Feb 5 18:30:21 UTC 2011

On Saturday 05 February 2011 19.11.20 D. R. Evans wrote:
> On my wife's maverick system (but not on mine), the Firefox forward/back
> buttons are missing.
> After some investigation, it seems that they are present, but of zero size
> (i.e., it's as if FF can't find or simply isn't displaying the icons). If I
> set the toolbar to [icons + text] then the buttons are present and usable:
> it's just that there is no icon on them. Googling seems to show that this
> is not an unheard-of problem (although why it should occur on onely one of
> the three maverick systems here is a puzzle), but I haven't been able to
> find a fix that works.
> So, does anyone know how to get the forward/back icons to appear?
>   Doc

You could perhaps try changing the icon theme to see if they become visible 
again. Are you using the standard theme/icon set?
// Isak

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